Video Yoga Classes

Here are a few videos that I hope you find beneficial, take some time and work through to you own ability.

Video Yoga Classes with Julia K Yoga

Here are a few videos that I hope you find beneficial, take some time and work through to you own ability.

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I’m looking forward to continue teaching you and guiding on your yoga journey and discovery.

VATA Supportive Yoga Practice

Balance and ground your energy with this practice to support you in VATA season this Autumn.

A short 30mins soothing practice to make you feel good, supportive and with ease. Focus on you feet to connect to the Earth, activating through leg muscles, softening hips and supportive lower back and abdomen – your digestive track.

Props you might find useful:

  • A blanket
  • A cushion
  • 2 blocks if you normally use them
  • Oil Tisserand – Sleep better oil for calming effect throughout Savanasa and, before bed time.

I’m relatively new to yoga, so signed up for Julia’s 31 days of yoga in January to help me improve, it was fantastic.  Such a beneficial month, I feel more confident with my yoga, fitter and more relaxed, and it actually really helped having a focus during the winter lockdown.  Fitbit thinks so too, over the month my resting heart rate steadily reduced.  I’m definitely going to keep going with yoga, and Julia is a wonderful, patient and knowledgeable teacher.

Chris P

Simple Conscious Pranayama for Calm Within

Find a comfortable seat, on a bolster or a couple of cushions. Allow your knees to drop below your hips, lengthen through your spine.  Lengthen the spine and keep the length at the back of your neck.

Place your hands on your thighs and bring the awareness towards your breath. Where do you feel the breath in your body? How does it make you feel? Observe your breath for the first few breaths. Then, move with gentle expansion of your abdomen on in breath and, gentle contraction of your abdomen on out-breath. You can even place your right hand on the abdomen to feel as your abdomen rising and falling. See if you can stay present and, let your breath leads to you to your calm place within you. Stay in the flow of your breath and listen.

May this few minutes of conscious breathing help you to feel calmer in your body and peaceful in the mind. Conscious breathing is the bridge to inner peace. It is always inside you.

Yoga for Runners

Yoga poses to support you as a runner, loosen up your hips, strengthen your leg muscles and strengthen your ankles.

Focusing on glutes, quadriceps, and the hip flexors, hamstrings, calve muscles and the muscles of your core region.

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Yoga Poses to release lower back pain

Release those tight muscles around the hips and, with a constructive rest pose where you are resting on your back, we begin the practice. This safe, comfortable pose helps to let go in your hips, pelvis and releasing tension in the psoas muscles.
This practice is both supportive and healing for both body and mind.

Practice these few yoga poses to soothe your lower back pain and bring the awareness to your breath to release tension in the muscles and lower back.

30mins of yoga poses for releasing tension on lower back and working on your hips, your glutes after long sitting or gardening.