Yoga Retreats

A Day Yoga Retreat have been created for you ~ to immerse yourself in an experience that is designed to connect you with yourself and fulfil you in any season.

Allow yourself to be yourself, with yourself

A time to be quiet. A time to take your practice to deeper level, if that’s what you might like to focus on during. A time to relax, recharge yourself with positive energy and, make new friends along the way…

My aim of day retreat is offer truly calming experience and create space for healing, self-relaxation and self-reflection and, … connect with one another.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

To see more details about both upcoming yoga retreats in 2022, click below

Winter Day Yoga Retreat 8th January 2022

Winter Day Yoga Retreat РSaturday 8th January 2022, Tofte Manor, Bedfordshire 

Early Spring Weekend Yoga Retreat 11-13 March 2022

Early Spring Weekend Yoga Retreat Р11-13 March 2022 РWest Lexham, Norfolk 

For any questions, you can contact me directly on: [email protected]¬†