Yoga for Summer 2022

Recordings of recent online sessions, to practice while I’m away in August / September

Energizing Wake up Flow

Wake up with this energizing 45mins flow. Activate your core muscles, open though your hips, activate vitality within the whole you. Feel energized, feel alive.

Gentle Yoga flow 45mins practice

Using Jala Mudra and visualisation to connect to your creativity, passion that is within you through water element. Find your flow in this gentle 45mins Vinyasa flow practice.

Mandala Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice

Connect to water element , and allow fluidity to your practice and to your life. Let water element in this 45mins flow inspires you to be more creative, adaptable, and allow more beautiful visions for yourself.

Energizing Wake up Heart Flow

Wake up to this 45mins heart flow with me, to create more space in the heart space. To feel your heart, to feel more love, to move forward and beyond with your heart. Feeling a sense of belonging and trusting in your heart as an inner compass. Practice more than once if you can, make sure you balance yourself in all asanas. A small cushion you will need and, a block.