Yoga Offerings – 2-hour Yoga Workshops

2-hour Julia’s offerings – are a great way to break down certain concepts, postures (asanas) and themes. Each workshop is different with a different focus. During the workshop we will go deeper into a specific topic such as; arm balances, backbends, breathing techniques, learn about different types of mediation, integrate more mindful approach and start to feel more, finding that balance, equanimity, more space, and exploring to flow with intuition in your own practice.

Workshops usually will last approximately 2 hours and will be run online and sometimes in the studio.

I would like to welcome you to my workshops. A time for exploration, a time to get deeper in your own practice, learn how to create your own daily routine, discovering what’s more yoga can offer and, connecting with other lovely beings – students.

Yoga Offerings – 2-hour Workshops 2021 

Please see below the dates for Yoga Workshops this year. Some workshop will be done online and some in the studio. Yoga Workshop that will last couple of hours and each offering will have a different focus to create more space for an exploration in your own yoga practice.

£18 per person for two hour workshop. £12 for monthly unlimited membership.

Next Workshop, which will take in the beautiful Bedford Wellness Studio – is Saturday 3rd July.

Find Balance and Equanimity in your practice – Sunday 10th October 10:00 – 12:00 at Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights

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Equanimity means accepting both good and bad with a state of calm and mindedness. It’s a sense of being equal with balanced approach. Equanimity allows us stand in the middle with steadiness of mind and compassionate heart.

This offering will be with slow movements to listen and be more present. To attune into your breath and your heart space. Finding equanimity in particular poses and listen to what arising inside your body, mind and heart. Building resilience throughout and bringing balance to your practice and to your life.

You won’t need a zoom link, this workshop will be in the Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights. All levels welcome.

What to bring:

  • yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • bolster
  • cushion
  • blanket

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