Yoga Offerings – Workshops

In Julia’s offerings – two hour workshops are a great way to break down certain concepts, postures (asanas) and themes. Each workshop is different with a different focus. During the workshop we will go deeper into a specific topic such as; arm balances, backbends, breathing techniques, learn about different types of mediation, integrate more mindful approach and start to feel more rather than doing more in your own practice.

Workshops last approximately 2 hours and will be run mainly online. Hope you can join me and be able to enjoy a couple of hours yoga with me in the comfort of your own home.

I would like to welcome you to my workshops. A time for exploration, a time to get deeper in your own practice, learn how to create your own daily routine, discovering what’s more yoga can offer and, connecting with other lovely beings – students.

Online Yoga Offerings – Workshops 2020 

Please see below the dates for Yoga Workshops this year. All workshop will be done online unless states otherwise. Online Yoga Workshop that will last couple of hours and that gives you flexibility to whenever you are going to be at that particular day of a workshop. Whether on holiday location or at home. All are welcome.

£17 per person for two hour workshop, Monthly Unlimited membership includes one workshop in the month.

December 2 yoga offerings – workshops. Saturday morning 5th December with Mandala flow and Sunday evening 6th December to let go, surrender in a stillness and enjoy a deep relaxation.  – £17 per session or £30 both 

This 4 hour workshop has two parts. You can join one workshop or both. For creative flair of the flow, join Saturday morning. To awaken dormant energy and recharge in stillness, join Sunday offering. Or, come both. One compliment the other. We surely deserve feeling alive and supportive after this year. Love you to join on the mat.

Morning Part I.

Book online and reserve your space

Saturday 5th December at 10.00-12.00pm Creative Morning Mandala Slow Flow

Two hours of dynamic creative mandala exploring circular movements with your body, moving around 4 corners of the mat 360 degrees. The focus of this morning session will be on 4 basic elements to bring connection between you and each of the Elements in the Universe – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each element corresponds with different chakra and relates to a specific group of muscles of the leg mandala. The sequences will be flowing, moving slowly but with strength, led by breath, and working on particular target area in the body. We begin and end with Yin pose to open the particular areas of the body before the flow and after to seal the connection to the elements.

Evening Part II. of December Workshop 

Book online and reserve your place

Sunday 6th December 5.00 – 7.00pm Total Unwind with Yin/Restorative and Yoga Nidra

The second half of the workshop, will be on Sunday 6th December. Starting at 5pm for a couple of hour of total unwind and deep relaxation.

We will slow down and begin with a short meditation to set intention for the season ahead. Moving through Yin poses which is slow, soothing and meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in the body. Movement and stretching hydrate fascia and literally help slow the ageing process, regain mobility and ease pain in the body. We will hold for up to 5mins in each pose to really awaken your dormant energy and recharge. We will focus on hip openers and twists to help balance your energy and nourish your Qi. Follow by Restorative poses which promotes deep relaxation, staying in poses up to 10 mins in each pose supported by blankets, bolsters, cushions to make the body 100% comfortable. We will finish the afternoon workshop with 20mins of Yoga Nidra – which we called “yogic sleep”.

You will feel rejuvenated, re-charged, rebalanced and totally relaxed in your both body and mind. A perfect unwind a couple of hours before Christmas period. Not to be missed!