Workshops are a great way to break down certain concepts, postures (asanas) and themes.  Each workshop is different with a different focus. During the workshop we will go deeper into a specific topic such as; arm balances, backbends, concentration on foundation ( your feet ), breathing, exploring a different types of mediation, etc.

Workshops last approximately 2 hours and used to be held in the Move Fit Pilates or Verve Wellness @Bedford Heights studio in Bedford.  At present, all workshops will be done online till further notice. Hope you can join me and enjoy a practice or workshop form the comfort of your own home.

I would like to welcome you to my workshops, a time for exploration, a time to learn about your own practice and self, and connect with other students. See the list of upcoming 2020 workshops below.  More coming soon…

2020 Workshops

Explore The 5 Vayus of Prana – Energetic qualities throughout this workshop and celebrate Summer Solstice – Saturday 20th June at 10:15 – 12:15pm

2 hour online workshop – £14 per person or £20 for yourself and a friend

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To welcome and celebrate Summer Solstice, we begin with few Surya Namaskar ( known as Sun Salutations ) to bring the healing energy of the sun and connection to the Divine into your practice; to connect and build upon solar energies that we are pulsating within us.

We will also focus and bring the awareness to The 5 Vayus and its specific functions and directions of flows through your body. We will learn and connect to this subtle energies in this yoga workshop through presence of your breath and awareness of each Vayu to really enhance your practice, your well-being also to activate the primordial Kundalini energy – your inner fire – creative power – divine feminine energy.

Feel more connected, balanced and, to be celebrated being alive – which is the essence of a spiritual experience. We will finish with guided healing Savasana.

Join us for this online yoga workshop to celebrate Summer Solstice together.

Suitable for all levels.

Book now to reserve your space…