Yoga Workshops

Workshops are extended practices of around 2 hours where allows you to learn more about anatomy, philosophy, physiology, chakras, and other subjects. Each workshops is with different focus where you can explore going deeper in your own practice.

Yoga Workshops with Julia K Yoga

Each workshop is different with a different focus. During the workshop we will go deeper into a specific topic such as; arm balances, backbends, breathing techniques, learn about different types of mediation, integrate more mindful approach and start to feel more, finding that balance, equanimity, more space, and exploring to flow with intuition in your own practice.

Workshops usually will last approximately 2 hours and will be run online and sometimes in the studio.

Workshops are a great way to break down certain concepts, postures (asanas) and themes.

£18 per person for 2-hour in the Studio and, £15 per household online. For students who have monthly unlimited, workshops are included.

    2022 Workshop

    Handstand & Arm Balances, Inversion Workshop – Sunday 22nd May, 10:00-12:15 at Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights – £18 per person, £30 for two people

    I am inviting to join this Handstand & Arm Balance Workshop.

    “Even in the most unbalanced situations, balance is never too far.”

    Balancing poses help us connect with the present moment. When you add the challenge of balancing on our hands or arms instead of our feet, in requires a degree of mental focus and concentration. You can’t easily get up into a handstand or any arm balance poses if you let the mind drift thinking about what you’re making for dinner.

    Arm balances can also help us to increase on self-confidence, courage and inner strength. And they’re a playful way of approaching our practice and our bodies with a sense of curiosity and fun!

    Handstands also require the chest to open while inverted and sends energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra, with increase onto mental clarity and awareness.

    This workshop I want to offer for everyone including for those who have a very little yoga experience. So please don’t worry if you haven’t done practice like this before. There will be extra props ( e.g. chair, wall ) to be more accessible for all. And, I will be there to help everyone with modifications and support.

    The weather is getting better and, we might feel better in our bodies and, maybe feel a little more adventures. So book yourself in and, come and have a fun!

    Places are limited so please book yourself in to secure your place. Will email you what to bring closer to the time.

    Julia is fantastic, i really like the way she takes you on a journey ensuring that everyone in the class gets the most from it.  Her knowledge and passion for Yoga and wellbeing is truely inspirational.

    Phillip G