Studio & Online Group Yoga Classes

There are a number of different sessions to choose from, suitable to all levels whether you are total beginner or been practicing for a while.  Who knew that those interactive, live stream yoga classes can be so much fun. We are back in the Studio too.

Studio & Online Group Yoga Classes with Julia K Yoga 

Whether I teach groups online or in studio, I am holding a space for students to feel safe, offering a support when needed, encourage them not to be afraid to try a pose differently but always safely, inviting my students to embrace stillness, allowing for their own exploration and growth.

Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga classes are a way to connect with others anywhere in the world, to start your yoga journey in the comfort of your home environment. To continue your practice if you had one before the pandemic. To bring your yoga home.

My online classes are for all abilities and levels, and you are able to choose from six classes per week. Sessions are mixture from Dynamic Hatha yoga, Slow flow Vinyasa, Alignment-based strength & stretch focus, Mandala Yoga on Saturdays, Yin and Restorative. On Workshops and Retreats, I would add more meditation sessions and Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Group Hybrid Classes

There is a choice of ‘pay as you flow’ or “monthly unlimited“ with Julia, with classes being registered online up to four weeks in advance.

Classes are £8 each ‘pay as you flow’ for online, studio as well as yoga in the park, in summer months. £50 per month for an unlimited number or classes per month which includes online workshops.

Group studio teaching

Sessions are mixture from Dynamic yoga, Slow flow Vinyasa, Alignment-based strength, stretch focus, Mandala Yoga on Saturdays, Yin and Restorative Yoga, meditations and Yoga Nidra

Stretch & Restore

Stretch and Restore classes are evening sessions. Mondays in the studio and Wednesdays online. 

The are 60mins long and are sessions are designed to do exactly as it says. The first half hour is all about stretching the entire body with safety. Sometimes we can overstreched so focusing on more mindful stretch and adding strenghtening asanas throoughout. The postures will improve your flexibility, range of motion and increase on muscular strength. The other half of session, will slow you right down, with either Yin poses – long passive holds in poses, floor based, focusing to release a tension in deep layers of connective tissues stored in physical and energetic body. As well as, including Restorative poses which helps to create harmony in the body and stimulate parasymphatetic relaxation response. 

Great for runners, racquet players, all those who like to increase flexibility and mobility of the body and, improving balance and coordination.

Monday at 17:30 Bedford Heights, @Verve Wellness Studio
Wednesday at 18:30 – Zoom Online

Change only happens in the present moment. The past is already done, The future is just energy and intention.  ~ Kino MacGregor

Restorative yoga is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretches, fundamentally an act of kindness towards yourself. ~ Judith H. Lasater.

Sunday Relax & Restore Sessions

Would you like to feel relaxed and comfortable on the mat?

When I discovered Restorative yoga, it felt like coming home. Finally restful poses can feel like practicing yoga. This is yoga! No moving or flowing. Allow yourself to rest, find a comfort at home and be supportive from your yoga (home) props. Allow a time for your breathing, supporting nervous system, listening any sensation of the body throughout so you can create a space for healing and re-balancing.

Sunday Restorative 60 mins sessions are relaxing and rejuvenating. You don’t need any experience in this yoga style, only need yourself ‘exactly as you are’ and, a lots of props to support your body to 100% comfort. Allowing yourself to be in the moment, whatever arises at particular time, no judgement, just simply be in the moment and, you are ready to go.

Join me on Sundays! Allow yourself for this experience. You will fall in love again.

From October – Sundays at 6pm, Zoom Online – twice per month

Group Yoga Sessions

Preparation for a group class is a key but, to adapt as a teacher during the class to someone’s needs is another level of a skill. And, when I see it in myself, that I am able to see more with every class I teach, and how to help or adjust students that they have more profound experience, it makes me very happy. Teaching give me a great satisfaction and, seeing students growing, developing their own practice, and still coming back, it’s the greatest pleasure.  

Yoga for All

Yoga is for everybody and every body.

With more teaching experience, I start recognising how much all can benefit from going back to basics. To slow down and bring more awareness towards a breath, to learn different breathing techniques to enhance once’s own yoga practice because yoga does not exist without a breath.

That does not mean I won’t encourage you to get deeper into your practice, because I will but, basics, the foundation in yoga is everything. Once mastered it, you can fly.

So come and fly with me. Let’s explore together what’s possible.

Come and try it out what works for you and how can I help and how I can I guide you. Join a group session so you can start your own yoga journey. Come and feel stronger after each class – physically, mentally and emotionally. To hang out with other mindful souls, to connect with one other who are on the same journey as you are. We all are.

Because we all are.

There is always an option for One to One Personalised Yoga Session if you are totally new to yoga or after injury or trauma – which where I would recommend to start.

Any questions on group classes or on anything else, love to hear from you. Come and say hello. My direct contact: [email protected]

Online & Group Classes Enquiry

Please let me know as much information as possible about your requirements, any current physical issues, and your yoga history. If you would like a call to discuss, please add your number, along with preferred call time.
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I’ve been joining Julia’s classes for a while and just completed a wonderful 31 days of yoga in January. What a fantastic experience! Julia is a wonderful teacher who puts a lot of care, knowledge and thought into her classes and always encourages everyone in their own personal yoga journey. Very welcoming and friendly, I highly recommend

Gillian P