One-2-One Yoga Session

One to One Yoga Sessions are completely different to Group Sessions. Private Sessions offer students the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns. Private Sessions/Lessons can bring improvements on one’s mental and physical health and help one achieve Personal Yoga Goals.

Private One-2-One Yoga Sessions

On customized One-2-One Session, I develop holistic yoga practice that is specific to you and your needs only.

You will benefit from One-to-One Private Yoga Session if you don’t like being around big crowds. You are beginner and feel uncomfortable to mix with all levels. Want to invest in You and Your personal goals – flexibility, strength or mediation.


  • You do sport like running, cycling, dancing, racquet sports – tennis/squash with repetitive motion which can only create tightness in the same muscle group.
  • You just feel not very flexible but want to try yoga because you have heard so much positive about it. It does not matter if you have flexi body or not. If you can breathe, you can do yoga – and, I will guide you through..
  • You are after operation and completed your 6-8 physio sessions and, desire to get your body in shape. Want to get fit and maintain it. Want to get stiff body to supple body with a full of strength and flexibility.
  • You have been suffering with back pain and despite you have had treatments and worked for a little while, the back pain came again.
  • You might be going through some emotional, personal difficulties and need support. Yoga can help!

YOGA is Unique. Yoga is Truly for ALL.

Yoga is truly unique. Yoga provides preventative physical and mental benefits and, helps us to release tension in the body and mind. Also, teaches us breathing techniques – pranayama – and, other variety of breathing techniques to help maintain energy, strength and relieve stress.

Your Customized One-2-One Sessions

  • Breathing Techniques 5-10 minutes depends what we need to concentrate on that particular day
  • Yoga sequences tailored to You. Approximately 40-45 minutes
  • Savasana 2-5 minutes

We will start your 1st Session for 75min which includes an overal health consultation. Follow by other 6x Session for 1 hour each, preferably on weekly basis. Yoga Sessions can be done at your home environment or at 116 Yoga Space in Bedford ( calm, peaceful home environment ). One Session can also be booked separately but, if you get all 7 sessions, you only pay for 6.

Get in touch for available dates and prices. You can email me for any questions on: [email protected]