One-2-One Yoga Session

One to One Yoga Sessions offer students the ability to focus on personal goals and go deeper with their practice. Private Sessions/Lessons can bring improvements on one’s mental, physical and emotional health.

Private One to One Yoga Sessions

One to One sessions give an opportunity to do a whole-body evaluation of a person. Each session will start with a discussion which ‘as teacher’ enable me to understand student aims, needs and abilities. The session will move more mellower pace and focus on alignment challenges specific to each student – as well as; we explore different areas of yoga practice on: postures, meditation, breathing exercises, chanting… which allows us to focus on the mind and be less distracted by our thoughts and the outside of world.

Your Customized One to One Sessions will cover

  • Breathing Techniques 5-10 minutes depends what needed on that particular day
  • Yoga sequences tailored to you. Approximately 55 minutes
  • Savasana 10 minutes including a soft aromatherapy head massage

Normally, One to One sessions are done at ‘116 Yoga Space’ in Bedford ( in peaceful small yoga space ) Other locations – e.g. in your own home space can be booked if you prefer. One off session is £30 for 75mins. Or, you can go for ‘Yoga & Wellbeing package’. Buy your 5 sessions and you will receive 6 so your first one will be completely complimentary. If package is chosen, we will start your 1st Session for 90min which includes an overall health consultation, concerns and goal settings. Follow by other 5x Session for 75mins each. Also, 12 sessions can be purchased for the price of 10.

Get in touch for available dates and any questions you might have before you book your first session. You can email me for any questions on: [email protected]