5 Days of Breath Awareness in Silence and Stillness

You deserve to feel relaxed throughout December

Explore which pose throughout those 5 days might work for you the best. How can you make your body more comfortable with extra support of props so your breath can flow with ease. You might even feel more relaxed, stress free with clearer mind before the year ends.

Each short video which I am offering for you is about 12mins long.  I would suggest to choose the same time that suits you and repeat daily.  Get cosy in the comfort of your home and, let’s get breathing together.

I hope these simple breathing videos will support you throughout December.


  • Day 1 – Sukhasana – in cross-leg seating pose – 13mins
  • Day 2 – sitting on a chair – 11mins
  • Day 3 – lying down in Corpse pose – 13mins
  • Day 4 – Viparita Karani – Legs up the wall – 8mins
  • Day 5 – Savasana with legs on the chair – 20mins 

Happy 1st December!

5 days 5 short video focusing on your deep breathing in Silence and Stillness throughout December, to support you with any stress overload, anxiety throughout Festive period.

Day 1. in Sukhasana – cross-leg sitting pose.

We will start sitting on a bolster ( cushion or blanket is fine too ) with a support of the wall. Make sure your tailbone is not tucked and, your knees slightly lower than your hips so you can create extra space and length in your lumbar spine. Take time to settle in, bring yourself into a comfortable seated position and, let me guide you through. 

We are on the Day 2. of awareness breathing in Silence and Stillness using a chair as a support.

Find a firm chair at home and allow yourself few minutes of stillness to sit, to bring awareness towards your breath, noticing your breath with each of your inhale and exhale. Observe how your body feel, mind and the whole you.

Day 3. of your 5 days in December to explore your Breath Awareness while being in corpse pose supported with all wonderful props to support your body. A time to hit the pause button to clear your mind from things causing you being overwhelmed during or before Festive period.

You will find more comfortable if you have these props – 2 yoga blocks and blanket, bolster, cushion and another blanket to support your head and shoulders.

Day 4 . – In the Legs up the wall pose upper body is inverted from it’s normal, upright position. At times, some inversion ( headstand or shoulders stand ) are too much, Viparita Karani is a pose to support in the same way if not more, with circulation and able to help with de-stress the body, mind.

Find a space by the wall, bring a couple of blankets, cushion and a bolster. Try to bring yourself close to the wall, with a bolster under your legs, above your sit bones and below your heels. Keep the heels free. 

This is a short video to help you to get into the pose, but do allow yourself stay in it for at least 15-20mins. If this pose – Legs to the wall doesn’t feel your right for any reason, choose a pose from previous videos for the video no.5 from this breath awareness series.

We have arrived to Day 5 of 5Days of Breath Awareness in Stillness and Silence and, to the most comfortable asana ( pose ) – Savasana with Legs on a chair.

I like to think that this set up will make your body totally relaxed. If not, please please do let me know so I can help you to prepare your body to your 20mins Sunday Savasana. Prepare these props to support you: 1 or 2 blankets under to support your shoulders, 1 chair, 1 or 2 blankets to cover yourself, 1 cushion and 1 eye pillow.

Pillow mist is additional for extra relaxing scent. ( Pillow mist is from My Minimalco Rituals Hand-poured in Bedford )