Group Yoga Sessions

All yoga sessions are being performed online until further notice

Group Yoga Sessions can be challenging as there are mixed levels of experience but at the same time it is rewarding for a teacher and, there is no session which is the same.

Group Yoga Sessions

Since my Yoga Teacher Training, I have been teaching mainly Hatha, Slow Flow and adding Yin, Restorative poses. Preparation is a key but, to adapt during the class to someone’s needs is, another important skill to have which I start recognising and adapting to students.

Yoga Sequences Suitable to All

The basic yoga sequences always work for majority for “Yoga Open” unless is specified otherwise. However, after while you can see your students crave for more challenging class. So in smaller settings perhaps might work better to practice together. See if Rosamond road studios appeals to you for that more personal attention.

In the gym environment – The Towers, Bedford where I have been teaching, I would have numbers between 12-20 students at each session. I enjoy to come up with new poses or add yoga prop for advance asanas to help each individual for my ‘Julia K Yoga Sequence Book’ and, adjust accordingly during the session when needed. I concentrate on proper alignments, breathing techniques and modification of the pose to suit all. Yoga props – blocks and belts is always available close to students mat before each class begins. I do also offer hands-on- adjustments and aromatherapy short head massage at the end of a session when time permits.

Book Your Own Private Yoga Group Session – Safe and Mindful Yoga

Have you got friends and family who are interested in more private yoga session surrounded by friends or family? Want to book your own Private Group Session with up to 10 people maximum? There are two different sessions to choose from. 75 minutes Yoga Group Sessions of Safe and Mindful Yoga. Or, you can reserve a longer yoga session where we safely go deeper into poses and enjoy longer meditation. 2.5 hours including healthy vegan lunch afterwards.

For more details on Private Yoga Group Session, contact me on: [email protected]