30 Days of Yoga – September 2021

Since the 1st lockdown, March 2020, I have taught yoga over 500 online hours.

I am excited for you to be offering another 30 days of YOGA and be a part of this online community. Click to register on 30days of September Yoga. 

Totally understand if you have second thoughts on taking up online yoga for 30 days. It is different than yoga-in person and I agree but, online ( at your home environment ) has own its advantage and, your experience could be even more profound. You are not distracted from others when you are in the studio, you can go at your own pace. You can take as much time as you need.

Do you know what’s best about yoga ? ( apart from all the amazing health, therapeutic benefits ). There is no deadline, there isn’t a competition, no expectations either. It’s just you, yourself, your body, your willing mind ( which turns into more focused mind ) and, your present moment on the mat. The 31 days of yoga can be simply transformational.

Once you allow yourself a time to show up on the mat daily, a magic will happen.

30 DAYS of ONLINE YOGA – September 2021

It’s £50 investment for the whole month which comes to only £1.61 per day. There will be recorded videos. at least 3 videos per week and will be sent to you straight into your inbox if you can not join a class. So even if you managed only 1 session per week with 3 recorded yoga videos, it will still be worth to join.

Each day yoga session will be with different focus with different styles. Energising yoga, slow flow, hatha and yin and, deep relaxation in Restorative poses, we will try few meditations sessions, breathing techniques, chanting, using mantra and affirmations, focus on anatomy, philosophy and much more.

So come and explore what’s possible on your yoga mat.  It will open up your horizon to all wonderful things… to feel more space in your body and mind, happy and alive, calm and connected.

We begin on the 1st of September in the morning, view the class schedule to register, click in the link for the calendar to expand. Click Here to download Sept 2021 and please share PDF.

You might be asking what you might need for each yoga session. For most sessions:

  • Yoga mat
  • A cushion
  • A space at home where you feel safe and comfortable ( no matter where that might be )

Additionally, but not compulsory. More props you have, ( cushions and blankets ) more your body can let go and relax. For Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays evening sessions.

  • Two yoga blocks
  • One bolster
  • Two Blankets
  • Two cushions

Also , the link to Yoga Matters if you would like to order some extra yoga props before then.

Any questions, please do email me:  [email protected] If you like to try a class before then, get in touch.

I look forward welcoming you on the mat and guiding through your own yoga transformational journey.