Julia’s Teaching

My aim is to teach with compassion, open heart, supporting my students when in need, listening and holding a space to grow.  No matter environment, diversity or number of students, I will continue to teach yoga authentically and mindfully.

Julia’s Teaching

Since returning from my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica, Spring 2018, I have not stopped teaching and have not stopped being a student.

Yoga is for everyone. Every body is a yoga body. But, there is a style which will suit you more to get most out of your practice.

There are many styles of yoga these days that you might be familiar with. From types like Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Yin, Restorative, and more…

Yoga Styles I offer

I offer variety styles of yoga on weekly basis. Some are more dynamic esp. morning once, classes which are focus on building strength and flexibility, alignment-based style, and also gentle, relaxing, unwinding practices with healing and meditative qualities.

I teach 5 types of yoga on weekly basis and suitable for all. Another style called Yoga Nidra’ – yogic sleep, I usually incorporate on my workshops and retreats.

Read a description of yoga styles which I offer and see if any style speaks to you most. 

Hatha / Alignment-based – is like an umbrella of all styles. All other styles branched out from Hatha. In Hatha style class, we move in slow paced and sometimes holding postures for few more breaths to build a strength in the body and challenge the mind. Very grounding practice throughout and really great for beginners and all those who like to build a strength, flexibility in body and mind. At present, those are scheduled on Mondays studio and Wednesdays evenings online.

Vinyasa flow style – it’s a flow style linking your breath with movement, moving from one pose to anoter. This transition coordinates with your breathing, focusing on each inhale and exhale and, gives you feeling that your breath is moving your body. We also practice different types of breathing techniques to help bring awareness to your breath and movement and, exploring into more advanced poses. Monthly focus for those advanced asanas. Days for Vinyasa on the schedule are: Online on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Mandala Vinyasa flow style – it’s movement and breath connection, moving around the four corners of the mat in dynamic style. It’s not much holds in each pose rather movement and breath isin focus. We place a strong intention at the beginning of each practice, we chant, we start with one yin passive pose to connect chosen element from the Universe and we finish with one. It’s a strong practice and we might also include some advanced poses. Online on Saturday mornings. 

Yin style – Yin yoga is a slow paced style, holding poses for longer periods of time between 2- 5mins in each pose. While dynamic yang’ yoga focusing on your muscles, yin yoga targets deep connective tissues like fascia, ligaments, joints, bones. It’s a slower more meditative practice, floor based poses, giving you a space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and sensation of your body. Great for those with busy lifestyle and those who likes to build more flexibility and mobile joints, boost circulation and need that quiet time. Days: Mondays in the studio and online on Wednesday evenings.

Restorative yoga – Many might think Restorative is like Yin. Yes and no. Yes for slower paced with holding poses longer even up to 15mins for each pose. While in Yin yoga we welcome discomfort working towards deep connective tissue to release blocked energy, in Restorative yoga, we consciously relax. It’s a practice of deep relaxation that emphasizes the medative aspects of yoga. With a support of many props, we allowing the body to experience comfort, releasing tension from tense body and mind. We foucs on conscious breathing which helps with relaxation. 

Restorative yoga can help with stress, your mood, reduce pains, reconnects with body, can also decrease depression and anxiety, helps sleep better. Overall promotes deep rest and realxation which can itself improve overall well-being. Slow down and embrace the power of rest. Join me in Autumn for this style to allow yourself to unwind and relax on Sunday Unwind Sessions. Only twice per month online. 

Dance yoga – Dance yoga, I offer online on Friday mornings and lasts only 30mins. We move through dance routine, we use yoga poses, mantras, mainly we shake our body through music to release and let go whatever we need to let go, on Friday mornings. It’s a super fun if you like dancing. It’s a free style of what your body needs – to shake off’ – at that particular moment. Coome and shake off with me super early on Friday! We begin at 6.30am. 

Using Yoga Props

More I teach, more I will encourage students to use their yoga props. Yoga props will support student with a proper pelvis position, lengthen the spine and achieve correct alignment. Yoga props can be helpful to keep the integrity in the pose when we are exploring without compromising. Props when using in slower paced practices like Yin and Restorative yoga will allow you to create better experience because you are supporting yourself and allowing to soften.

Teaching Locations

At present, I teach 6-7 online classes on weekly basis. In studios – Towers club, Clapham on Mondays lunchtime and, Bedford Heights, @Verve Wellness studio starting from 4th October at 5.30pm.

Check here to see all of my classes ( apart from Towers schedule ) for the class schedule and to register.

Also, I offer One to One Personalized Yoga Sessions where it’s all about you and your needs. It has been wonderful to be able to take One to One Yoga Session outdoor in the Park too.

Email me [email protected] for any questions you might have regarding my teachings, bookings, workshops, day retreats, availability or anything else.

Julia teaching in the studio, with students in the background

Keep in mind when you practice yoga, you are not practicing to improve yourself. You are perfect. The practice is there to help you know that.

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