Julia’s Teachings

Since returning from Costa Rica from my 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training, I have thrown myself into teaaching and have been teaching and covering classes since in the local gym environment and my own Yoga in The Park classes. I have been teaching Hatha, Slow Flow with Restorative poses.

Julia’s Yoga Teachings for All Levels

Most of the class which I teach are “Open Level” that means; a group of people are mixed level of experience. I have learnt that ‘stick to basic sequences’ for all to help those who are at the beginning of their yoga journey. I keep modification in mind for both ‘sides’ so more advanced students can do the pose more challenging as well as, decrease the posture for less experience. Even if, I prepare sequences for a particular class, I keep my eyes open and I speak for those who needs allignment suggestiona and, ready to help with hands-on adjustments.

Using Yoga Props

I makes sure to remind students to use props during as some might forget is there. I makes sure to pass a block when seeing someone is struggling to balance a pose or is in need of a belt. It might happen that student pushes away the block but, at least I was there for him/her. Not everyone feels the need of a prop and, that’s fine. However, the prop should and will create a support for someone to achieve a correct alignment.

Authentic Yoga Teachings

No matter environment, diversity or number of students, I will continue to teach yoga authentically and mindfully with love and gratitude. I will be there for all and guide students towards their own Yoga Journey and Journey of Self Discovery.