Vegan Choice

How do you feel about Vegan Choice? Have you thought about it to try? It is not just healthy for us but also positive for the environment, our planet and yet, some might disagree. Well, I always stood for: “Everything in Moderation”.  I love it and, I enjoy getting plant based ingredients, mixing up spices esp. Ayurvedic spices and creating interesting, flavoured dishes without using any diary or meat products.

These days, we are not short of vegan recipes including vegan desserts ( they are the best ) or instagram pictures. So much to choose from and, if you like cooking like me, you will definitly ‘give-it-a-go’ to vegan cooking.

Vegan Choice

I knew about vegan food for a while but it really started get my attention when I began to attend a regular yoga practice at Camyoga Buckden Marina with Andy Nathan, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. It has been about 3 years now since I conciously eat and cook plant based dishes at home and, – I love it! The dishes are creative or sometimes simple like dhal in a lotf of different forms and shapes and, so full of flavours.

Vegan Food and Tasty Food with Protein

Coming from the family who eat meat daily, it took me probably a decade wondering about how much is too much of meat we eat. And, another decade realizing that I don’t really like/need to eat meat.

I would lie if I say I am completely vegan – ‘not yet’ but, my partner and I follow our Mondays – Fridays vegan choice of meals.

Summer Vegan Lunch

Vegan ChoiceMostly summer lunches are excatly what you see here on the pic above. You will need:

  • wheat, gluten free crackers
  • vegan cheese “Free From” section Tesco
  • home made chutney
  • fresh basil
  • cooking oil – Carotino mild & light Omega 3 & 6, vitamin E and natural antioxidant. ( really fantastic product. Could not cook without it ) Tesco
  • grilled mushrooms
  • fried onions
  • fresh figs

Weekly fresh, organic box we get from Riverford and the rest from our 24-hour Tesco close by. As it is busiest supermarket, you get always fresh food and a lots of variety.

A crackers with some vegan spread, avaocado, grilled mushrooms, home made organic caramalised onion, fig chutney, organic tomatoes and fresh herbs. Toppings, I keep changing depends on the mood. And, depends what I am going to do atferwards. If yoga class is booked after lunch, I make sure I choose something really light but still with a protein which will keep me throughout teachings or practice.

Evenings, could be dhal or an oven dish from butternut squash with turmeric and oat cream and bay leaves ( sounds yummy? Will share this recipe soon… ), something from chickpeas or tofu… giant cous cous, black rice or quinoa can be always add as side dish.

Stay tuned for some more vegan dishes on Julia K Yoga blog … coming up!