116 Kitchen

116 Kitchen – it’s all about food with authenticity, creativity and passion.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to light the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha

Food has always been my good friend. Not just any food but organic food. My grandparents had sustainable organic farm and Vineyards and, I remember when visited at weekends, the whole family helped on Vineyards and other crops they have. Over the years, living in London in the fast paced life, I realized the importance of digestion and a choice of food for well-being and clear thinking. As we get older, the digestive system becomes more sensitive and we don’t need to eat so much as when teenagers. We can’t digest a lots of food and small portions become enough. So it is essential to find a right balanced food, eating at right timing and repeat daily and to chew slowly to digest.

Healthy and Balanced Food

At 116 Kitchen, we use only fresh organic ingredients from Riverford Organic Farmers and, organic picks from local supermarkets. Our weekly dishes are mainly vegan and, at weekends, we spiced-up organic treats with white fish.

We include fresh prepared food and, eat in seasonal rhythm whether it is salads in summer and vegetables dishes in winter. We only use alternative milks and creams at our home kitchen; coconut and oat milk, occasionally mixture almond with coconut milk and oat cream for all creamy sauces.

Eat Conciously and Be Inspired from 116 Kitchen

Overall, in 116 Kitchen, we eat conciously with what and how we eat. And, more concious and aware we are about food we eat and how we digest, the healhier and happier we will be. “You are what you eat”. Old Cliche’ which we may have heard hundred times but it’s so true. So come and be part of  healthy ” 116 Kitchen “.