Healthy Living

Over the last few decades, we have witnnessed a profound cultural shift toward a health and wellness. We are realizing that modern medical science has no “magic solution” for majority of human ailments and, that good health and longevity are some how linked to our diet and lifestyle management.

I was very fortunate to grew up in the family – my parents and grandparents who have had a positive attitude, positive outlook on life, owned sustainable organic farm, vineyards and eat only organic food, believed in well-being. I was surrounded by the powerful statement – ” Prevention is better than cure “.

Healthy Living

What is Healthy Living?

It is a combination and balance between Body, Mind and Spirit.

Body – Physical you. Having a good nutrition, beneficial execises and enough rest. Mind – Emotional You. Having a positive thoughts, experience happiness, love and compasion. Having a joyful relationship with your partner, family and others. And, Spiritual You. Your inner calmness, opennes to creativity.

For me, ‘Healhty Living’  is many things. Eating healthy and ‘Everything in moderation’. Eating at right timing – daily. Choosing right food for your metabolic type. Try less meat, eat only organic meat from local farmers and introduce to your diet a plant based food. Regular exercices. Yoga and swimming would be my choice as I believe both-two are suitable for all. For any age, for any fitness level.

Also, Positivive thinking. Connectivity with nature. Make sure you connect with nature on regular basis. Spend time with your friends and family. Love and be Loved. Stroke your pet. And, don’t forget to Laugh.

I will share with you nutritional dishes on Vegan page, what’s exquisitely-delicious is cooking in 116 Kitchen, what is Ayurveda, a Power of Positive Thoughts, How to achieve Inner Calmness and much more…