About Julia

Remember very clearly my first yoga experience in London. It was in Spring 2010 in lovely small, local Bikram studio in Balham, London. The heat went over 40C in duration of 90mins. Simple torture but equally, I had developed love and hate relationship with it. I sort of became addicted to it and,  for a while until I had an episode of excruciating back pain during the session and barely return home after. When that pain repeated second time within 10 months, at the back of my mind, I knew I had to stop with this particular practice, with this style of yoga. I decided to search for different styles which I believed would suit me better.

Having background as a former gymnast and professional contemporary dancer, yoga practice ( outside of heat ) allowed me re-connect to my body and my breath. It was great to be back to look after my body. However, after twenty years not dancing, not being gymnast, nor doing much regular exercises, I developed a back pains and sciatica. My body felt like someone else’s body. On top of that, added a couple of bad accidents during those years and, I developed SI instability which initially I was not aware of. I realised that I have to approach yoga from a different angle. Fast, strong yoga sessions some how did not suited me anymore. Could not handle fast movements and I was not able to properly and simultaneously breathe with each movement. It was frustrating as I remember ‘me’ ( when younger gymnast ) being super flexible.  Every time, I tried fast vinyasa class and with a fancy pose during, I felt discomfort in my back. So I had to make a decision and began to search towards… towards ‘new me’ and towards more suited style of yoga.

Practice slow and mindfully

More I practiced slow yoga with awareness into precise alignments – which suited for my body anatomy, I started to feel relieved in my back. I had also started to incorporated deep breath – pranayama – the life force during each practice, I have began to feel the benefits and even more comfort in my back. I started feeling like ‘myself’ again. Sometimes, staying with one teacher for a longer period, as I have experienced, could helped tremendously especially at the beginning of your yoga journey. It also creates trust, harmony and good teacher will find a time to know you better and get deeper understanding of your own body mechanics, anatomy and whatever is going on in your life which might effect your well-being.

Over the years, I have practiced Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Jivamukti and, attended yoga classes and mindful workshops with many experienced yoga teachers such as Marianne Wells, Josh Summers, Andrea Kwiatkowski, Adam Husler, Jozef Weiwel, Andy Nathan, Lara Stapleton, Lis Cancio, Kathryn McCusker.

Yoga with Julia  

Since March 2018, I am RYT 200 – Registered Yoga Teacher and, Yoga Alliance member. In March 2019, I have finished 50hrs Mindfulness Module of Yin Yoga with Josh Summer in Dublin.  I have regular classes and I teach at The Towers in Bedford, David Lloyds in Milton Keynes and, I am on the cover list at Camyoga in Cambridge. I also do private One-2-One session to customise your experience.

I teach Hatha and Yin and focus on safe and mindful practice throughout with hands-on adjustment. I relate to those who have gone through injuries and chronic pains as I experienced over the years myself. In each class, I incorporate synchronised breathing techniques to create more Space in the Body, more Space in the Mind with guidance to create more Space to Evolve. 

Get in touch, I am here to listen and help you on your own ‘Yoga Journey’ if, you are ready.