About Julia

When I was introduced to Yoga, I was suffering ‘on and off’ with lower back pains. Being gymnast and contemporary dancer in my childhood till teenage years, yoga instantly appealed to me – on physical level at first and, thought to myself “How hard could that yoga be?”

I had a vivid memory of being super flexible, supple, bendy and without fear I would try any pose. ( well, that ‘no fear’ lead my elbow dislocations at gymnastics when I was 10 years old and could not attend the competition. That did not stop me there. )

Almost fifteen years later and, my body felt different. I noticed how tense my body was, how much tension my body carried, how stiff my hamstrings was, my back was hurting and balancing poses gave me a discomfort. Being make up artist for many years in London and not being aware of my posture, I developed chronic back pains.

In Spring 2011, I became member in Balham Bikram yoga studio and started practicing on regular basis. It was sort of love and hate relationship. Repetitive sequences, being 90mins in 40C heated studio was not easy to focus on poses but mostly dealing with heat and I was barely breathing. I experienced muscles tension released in heat which felt really good initially and, enjoyed it especially in winter months. I sort of became addicted to it for a while until I had an episode of excruciating back pain during the session and barely return home after. When that pain repeated second time within 10 months, I had to ceased my membership. I had anterior pelvic tilt. My pelvis and right hip was rotating forward and my right leg was slightly longer – which I had no idea at that time. Later on, I have I developed SI join instability too and, that was the end of bikram yoga.

Practice slowly and mindfully

I knew it was a time to search for different style of yoga because I wanted to recover naturally. So I had to re-invented myself. No more old Julia but new Julia with a different approach. With more gentle approach to myself and with time to be more patient and focus more on a journey rather than goal. – The goal of yoga is not a handstand – as it is easy to focus on physical posture. This is when our mind ( our ego ) is in charge and our body is neglected rather than listen to. As we get older, taking time to get into a pose is more rewarding and safe. And, eventually when the time is right, handstand or even headstand or any other inversion will naturally come – when body is supported and ready.

The best thing is; through your spiritual yoga practice you might find – more peace within yourself; find a connection with your body; become much more grounded; refuel your spirit and reduces tensions and stress which we struggle every day.

So after 7 years practicing yoga, I made a decision to enrol for yoga teacher training. March 2018, I completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica with Marianne Wells.

As yoga teacher, learning does not stop at 200hrs. It is only the beginning – of life long education. Continuous learning is inevitable and can not wait what each year I will learn and share with my students.

  • 50hrs of Mindfulness Module of Yin Yoga with Josh Summers – March 2019, Dublin.
  • Deconstruct to Reconstruct – online course with Alexandria Crow – July 2019
  • Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Adelene Cheong and James Reeves – December 2019, TriYoga London

Over the years, I have practiced in TriYoga in London, Camyoga Cambridge – Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Jivamukti and, attended yoga classes and mindful workshops with many experienced yoga teachers such as; Marianne Wells, Josh Summers, Andrea Kwiatkowski, Adam Husler, Jozef Weiwel, Andy Nathan, Lara Stapleton, Lis Cancio, Kathryn McCusker, Naomi Annand.

Yoga with Julia  

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

My teaching started in April 2018 and since January 2019, I have been teaching full time.  I had regular Friday evening and Monday lunchtime classes at Towers club in Bedford. Saturday morning in David Lloyd in Milton Keynes, and will be returning once it it safe to do so.

I currently teach online yoga classes using Zoom, please see class schedule for all online classes.

Also, get in touch for any questions and, a complimentary chat with me on how One to One Yoga Session can help you. Here is the link to more info.  One to One Personalised Yoga Sessions where I focus deeper in one’s individual needs.

Practice slowly and mindfully

I teach Healing Hatha, Slow Flow and Yin with focus on safe and mindful practice throughout with hands-on adjustment. I relate to those who have gone through injuries and chronic pains as I experienced myself. Practice slow yoga with long, deep stretches and breathing techniques has its tremendous benefits especially for beginners. I focus on body anatomy, proper alignments and biomechanics with practical therapeutic yoga routines for optimal health.

I believe in teaching with integrity and compassion and I incorporate breathing techniques to create more Space in the Body, more Space in the Mind with guidance to create more Space to Evolve.

Yoga is for everyone. Yoga does not care about age, shape, fitness ability or flexibility.

Get in touch, I am here to listen and help you on your own ‘Yoga Journey’.